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Getting Started with the Online Application

Hardware Requirements

Since the software is Web-based, almost any personal computer is compatible, as long as it has Internet access. A recent, fast processor is recommended for optimum performance.

Software Requirements

Compatible with most operating systems that have Internet access and support Web browsing, including Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Software Capabilities

This software is the most customizable software in the industry. You can modify any existing Section, or Item, as well as change the order of all the Sections and Items. You can sort the Section and Item order in your Template, so every report you begin will be in the order of your sort, you also have the capacity to change a sort while in an inspection. You have the capacity to add as many new Sections or Items as you could possibly want. Add new Descriptors, Comments or Issues, and Notes, whether just for that inspection, or permanently into your Library so they appear in all new inspections created. You could create or modify a Library and Template to create a 25 page report, or a 100 page report, the software gives you virtually unlimited capabilities. You are supplied with a Master Library and Template to get you inspecting right away.

Internet Browsers

The software has been tested in the following latest versions of these browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. (Currently IE does not support the drag and drop photo feature, however you can still use IE if you use the PC companion software, this is because you can drag and drop all the photos on the PC, and then upload the inspection with the photos to the online application when you are done). Other browsers besides the ones listed may work, but have not been tested. MSN Explorer is not recommended. Your browser must have cookies and JavaScript enabled. In some cases, due to settings with your ISP provider, only one browser choice will work flawlessly for you, so if one browser if giving you a problem, try another. We recommend using Google Chrome. (No we don't own stock)

You can download the latest version of these browsers below:

Search Google Chrome download (Choose for MAC or PC)

Search Firefox download

Search Apple Safari download (Choose for MAC or PC)

Online Software Navigation

Navigate the online software just like you would any website. There are navigation buttons, tabs, links, and pulldowns.

Example Buttons:

Example Tabs:

Example Links:

Example Pulldown:

Example of Rating Buttons

Once your profile is saved, you need to familiarize yourself with the information on the Start a New Inspection page.

Offline Capabilities (PC Companion Software)

Conducting a report without Internet access in the field is no problem with the Companion PC software. All reports must first be created online, and then downloaded to the PC software. The entire report may be completed offline, including the addition of the photos, and printed on site if desired.

Some Don'ts

Never copy and paste any text from a Microsoft Word document, or from the internet into the application, it can cause problems.

Very long e-mail addresses interfere with the property information layout on page 2 of the report, in a PDF generated report. If you have a long e-mail address, the easy fix is to just set up another e-mail address at no cost, with google, or yahoo, or with your Internet provider. You could use this shorter e-mail address just for your reports.

You should never delete a Library, a Section, or an Item, from your Library section, which was used in an inspection report. Think of the application as your own personal data base, if you delete the data, then will you will no longer be available to edit an existing inspection report.

Do not use the # character in the inspection number, (example #412) it will prevent a PDF report from being generated for the report.

Logging In

To access the Login screen, type http://inspectors-online-software.com in your browser.
Enter your E-Mail address (which is also your username).
Enter your Password.
You can check "Remember me on this computer" if would like the software to save your Login in a cookie on the specific computer you are using.
If you ever forget your password, click "I Forgot My Password" and you'll be able to reset a random password and have it e-mailed to you.

Once you've logged in with your new password, you can change your password to a more memorable one by clicking PREFERENCES in the upper-right corner of the software, then clicking on the PROFILE tab.

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