Customers can view the html inspection report in just about any language.
Just copy and paste the reports unique URL into Goggles translator.

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Reports: HTML Report (Browser-Friendly)


The HTML report is intended to be viewed online in a Web browser. The report looks best when viewed on the Internet.

View Report Links

The View Report links will bring up a new browser window where the report can be viewed. The URL (Web site address) for these reports is protected by login and thus can't be shared.

Important! If you attempt to send your inspection clients a URL from a View Report Link, they will not be able to view the report without your user login. Never give a client your user login.

Secure Link

If you wish to e-mail or otherwise share a link to an Inspection Report, click Secure Link and a shareable URL will be generated in the Reports window. Just select and copy the URL for pasting in e-mail or elsewhere. The Secure Link Inspection Reports are viewable without logging in and the URL contains a security component that makes it difficult to hack into other reports. This is an important feature to protect the privacy of your inspection clients.

View the Report in any Language

Using Google Translate Just copy and paste the web address (URL) of the (html) report into the Google translator box and the entire report will view perfectly unchanged, except it will be in the language your customer needs. Try it out for yourself.

Supply this link to your customers so they can view it in the language of their choice online as well.

Convert the Google Translated Report to a PDF Document

There are free applications on the web which can do this. The results are not super clean, but they do work. See for yourself.