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Inspections: Section Items


Each Section has a unique Section Items form. The default content of these forms can be edited in the Library section. The Section Items form can also be modified at any time during an Inspection.

For help editing Libraries, click here: Libraries

Rating Items

Each Item for an Inspection is rated. Rating options are: S = Satisfactory, NI = Not Inspected, NP = Not Present, AR = Attention Required (or as an alternative, and for Texas: I = Inspected, NI = Not Inspected, NP = Not Present, R = Not Functioning or In Need or Repair).

Navigate to the Section you wish to work on. If you select a rating for a Section (at the very top), notice that it populates all the Items in that Section with the same rating. Selecting a rating for a Section will not override ratings selected for individual Items, unless you did this as your last step, instead of your first. The Section rating is not shown in the Inspection Report, this feature is merely provided as a convenience when all the Items in a Section have the same rating, or mostly the same rating.

Check the rating you desire for each individual Item. When you select a rating that is different that the Section rating, notice that your selection doesn't affect the Section rating or the rating of any of the other Items.


For Items, select a Descriptor from the pulldown menu.
If you don't see the Descriptor you want, select Add New.
A text field will appear. Type in the custom Descriptor.
If you wish to save this Descriptor to the Active Library for future use, check Save to Library.
Click Save, or Cancel if you wish to start over.

Adding Comments, Issues and/or Photos

Comments are non-critical notes specific to an Item or Component in an Inspection. Comments denote something of remark that are not cause for immediate concern or action.

Issues are critical notes specific to an Item in an Inspection. Issues denote something of concern that may warrant immediate action.

To add a Comment, or Issue select from the pulldown.

Renaming Sections, and Items

To rename a Section, or Item, simply click on the Section name and it will change to an editable text field.
Click Save or Cancel to revert.

Adding a New Item

To add a New Item, select the "Import An Item" pulldown located just beneath the Section name. A pulldown list will appear with all the Items defined for that Section in the Active Template.
Select an Item from the list. If you don't see the Item you want, you'll need to create it in the Library first, then activate it in the template.

Removing a Section, or Item

Click the remove Remove icon to the right of the Section, or Item name you wish to remove. Removing a Section, or item or Component from an Inspection, does not affect its status in the Library or Template.

Sorting Items

Click the Up or Down icons to the right of the Section, Item or Component name you wish to move. Components can only be sorted within the Item they comprise. Items can only be sorted within the Section they comprise.