Customers can view the html inspection report in just about any language.
Just copy and paste the reports unique URL into Goggles translator.

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Template: Duplicating Sections and Items


The Master Template which is provided already has duplicated Sections, as well as a few Items duplicated. You may want other Sections or Items duplicated as well. Or you may want to begin with a new Template with no duplications, and go from there. To create a brand new template see Adding a New Template in the Templates page. A new Template would list the Sections and Items in alphabetical order, and you would sort the order as you want to appear in your inspections.

Copying a Section, or Item in a Template

To make a copy, click the copy icon to the right of the name of the Section, or Item that you wish to copy. This will make a copy of the Section, or Item with a number after the name (you can make multiple copies, each copy will have the next higher number). The copies made, by default, go to the top of the the list, so you will need to Sort them into the order you want.

Deleting a Section or Item

Click the delete icon to the right of the name of the Section, or Item that you wish to delete.
Use Extreme Caution! This action cannot be undone. It is advisable that you do not delete any Section or Item, at least until you have used the software for awhile, just Deactivate (by un checking the check box, and then click Done) what you do not want to see in your Inspection(s).

New Template - Items not shown Master Template Provided - Items not shown