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Inspections: Adding or Editing Comments, Issues and Photos


Comments are non-critical notes specific to an Item or Component in an Inspection. Comments denote something of remark that are not cause for immediate concern or action. Comments appear in the Summary section of the report.

Issues are critical notes specific to an Item or Component in an Inspection. Issues denote something of concern that may warrant immediate action. Issues appear in the Summary section of the report.

To select a Comment or Issue to be in the report, just make a selection from the applicable pulldown, once you have made your selection "New Photo Comment Saved" or "New Photo Issue Saved" will appear on the screen briefly, for about 2 seconds. Then the image icon (blue circle with a white i in the middle) will appear under the Comment or Issue pulldown. If you don't see this image, sometimes you may just need to refresh your page, by selecting the Internet browsers refresh icon. There is about a two second lag time before the screen is stabilized after each selection, then you can make another selection from the same pulldown. The image icon will be replaced with your photo (see below, blue circle with the white i), if you add a photo for that Comment or Issue. A image icon will not appear in a report.

To add a brand new Comment, or Issue and/or Photo, click the "View Comment / Photo button" or the "View Issue / Photo" button in the Section Items page. If you don't see the Comment or Issue you want, select "Add New" from the pulldown.

After you have selected "Add New" a text field will appear (see below). Type in the custom Comment or Issue. If you wish to save your entry for future inspections, check the box next to "Save To Library".

Note: All pulldown menu's are in alphabetical order, so be sure to word any new addition in a way that you can easily find your entry in the pulldown for future inspections, if you are choosing to "Save To Library".

If you wish, click the Spellcheck icon and the remarks field will be checked for spelling errors. Follow the instructions on the Spellchecker and click replace or close. Browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox have the option of enabling their built in spell checker as well. This is the best option since the browser will underline in red any misspells.
If you wish to save this Comment or Issue to the Active Library for future use, check Save to Library.
Click the button "Add Comment", or "Add Issue" as applicable, or Cancel if you wish to start over.

Upload Photo

If desired, you can also upload a photo or photo(s), or drag and drop a photo which depicts the Comment or Issue. You can do this from the same page as you would enter a brand new Comment or Issue. Or wait until your are done with the inspection, and do this via the Summary page, which is the quicker way to complete an inspection.

If desired, you can also append comments or add a photo caption; simply enter the text in the box to the right of the "Photo Optional" image placeholder. When finished click "Save" (keeps you on this page to add more information / photos) or "Done" (takes you back to the Section page, or select "Save and go to Summary" which brings you back to the Summary page.